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Medical Tubing Specifications in mm


hypodermic tubing

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medical grade tubing

Industrial Stainless Steel Tubing


stainless steel tubing



Teshima International Corporation works with grades of ss tubing for medical and industrial applications. We mainly work with the following grades of stainless steel tube:

  • Stainless Steel Grade 304
  • Stainless Steel Grade 304L
  • Stainless Steel Grade 316
  • Stainless Steel Grade 316L

We can also fabricate custom tubes from other materials upon request. Please Contact Us with your stainless steel tubing specifications. 


We have expanded our offering in gauge sizes to keep up with innovation in the medical industry. Today, we have the capability to manufacture medical cannula sizes ranging from 7 to 35 gauge and will soon release the 36G cannula.


Teshima has the latest technology in machinery & production lines for Hypodermic Stainless Steel Tubing. Human efficiency and Technology complement each other toward excellence. Our strict quality assurance process meets the highest environmental standards.

Certification 9001:2015  14001:2015