Stainless-Steel Tubes Manufacturing Leader

    High-Quality Precision Stainless Steel Tubing


    Trusted Supplier of Standard and Custom Tubing


    We supply standard and custom cuts of medical-grade stainless steel tubes that fit various medical devices.

    Our tube products go through a thorough production and fabrication process from TIG Welding, Floating/Drawing, Diamond Stone Grinding, and Strict Quality Inspections. 

    Our company provides the ability to do custom tube fabrication for all sizes, thicknesses, and diameters. Material grades:

    • 304
    • 304L
    • 316
    • 316L 

    Our factory in Japan is equipped with the latest technology in production lines that produce high-quality stainless steel tubing. We are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified to ensure customer satisfaction. 


    Medical Tubes 

    Our standard medical stainless steel tubes follow ISO 9626 standards and are often used for various injection needles, cannula, neurosurgery connectors, otolaryngology nozzles, and other medical parts. 


    Industrial Tubes 

    Other than medical grades tube, we also supply stainless steel tubes for various industries such as industrial, aerospace, automobiles, telecom, and other applications that need precision tubing.


    Reliable since 1970

    Global Stainless Steel Supplier

    In business for more than 50 years, we have expanded our business from a small factory manufacturing stainless steel tubing to a world-class production facilities in Japan expanding our portfolio from medical stainless steel tubing to now catering to various industries. With our commitment to constantly growing globally, we have expanded to the United States with our first international office in Boston, MA.

    Cutting-edge technology coupled with the engineering and craftsmanship from years of experience, Teshima Corporation is able to provide our customers with a superior product.

    Teshima is trusted by domestic and overseas customers because of our capability to deliver high quality stainless-steel products.

    Worldwide distribution

    Global Events

    We exhibit around the world in various International Exhibitions to showcase our tubing products

    Global Partners

    We partner with the world's leading medical device manufacturers to create life-saving technologies.

    Global Offices

    Our stainless steel manufacturing facility is in Gunma, Japan. But we have a sales office in Cambridge, MA, USA.