Teshima's CEO is visiting us

    Shaly Lopez

    Our CEO Yukiko Teshima will be visiting our US office all of next week. These visits are always very productive and somewhat hectic because of all the meetings and quantity of dicussion that we undergo while she is here. We have several meetings sectioned into different topics that we have to discuss. The Cambridge employees make compelling presentations whose topics range from what they have been doing on a daily basis to innovative ideas for the company's future. It is the best opportunity to make sure the Teshima global brand moves ahead in unison and that all employees are part of the success!

    In addition to many team meetings, Q&A sessions with Yukiko Teshima and idea pitches, the Teshima family also has time for a little fun with team dinners at restaurants that are picked by a survey among all members.

    If you would like to set up a meeting with our CEO, Yukiko Teshima, send us an email.



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