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    Miryana Culkin


    Many studies and research will show how having a clean, spacious and uncluttered work space will result in more employee satisfaction and increased productivity. These are just two aspects achieved with our new office and manufacturing facility in Gunma, Japan. We focused on three main factors, keeping in mind first and foremost our employees and clients.

    These are:

    • continued education and training for the employees
    • employee satisfaction
    • investment in infrastructure


    To begin with, the new facility and ideology idea was part of the initiative taken by Yukiko Teshima when she became the CEO and President of the company in 2014. One of her main goals from the beginning has been decreasing the lead time while increasing employee satisfaction. She established a plan and set it in motion including:

    • high tech machinery but eco-friendly at the same time
    • more space for each department, resulting in greater employee commodity while working
    • a spacious and convenient lunch space
    • improved functionality for order processing
    • dedicated computer data systems
    • improved inventory management

    The order processing functionality greatly helped in decreasing the lead time because the order timeline can be accessed from employees in the different departments, making it way easier to estimate when the order can be shipped to the customer. Also, by inputing the order details and parameters in the beginning of the process, the system gives an estimated date when the order will be ready to ship.

    Even though we've achieved many goals with all the implemented plans, we always keep striving for more. Our main focus now is becoming a green facility, specially in our manufacturing process. All the staff is motivated because we always strive for larger goals and take into account employee ideas and suggestions.

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